Code of Ethics
Ethics of a Pennsylvania Fire Police Officer

As a Fire Police Officer my fundamental duty is to serve the people as I protect my fellow firefighters in their efforts to save life and property.

To this end;

I WILL be alert and constant in my duties at all times.

I WILL be constantly mindful of the welfare and rights of others.

I WILL be impartial in my treatment of all persons coming under my jurisdiction.

I WILL never be vulgar or profane in my speech or actions when on duty.

I WILL cooperate fully with my supervisors, fellow officers and all law enforcement agencies, to provide greater protection to the public and the fire department I serve.

I WILL strive to become more proficient in my duties as a Fire Police Officer by diligent study and training at every opportunity.

I WILL regard my badge of a Fire Police Officer as a symbol of trust from my State, Community and my Fire Department and act accordingly.

I WILL constantly strive to obtain these objectives as I serve as a Fire Police Officer.