Fire Police History
A brief history of Pennsylvania Fire Police

The first Fire Police in Pennsylvania were established in 1896 in Crawford County. They would continue to form in various fire organizations throughout the state until Pennsylvania recognized the benefits of legally defining them in state law in 1941.

In 1941 Fire Police became a part of Pennsylvania law, establishing the baseline considerations and powers of these individuals by granting them limited police authority in protecting emergency personnel and providing scene safety, and these powers were expanded upon slightly in 1949.

In 1959 authorative power for Fire Police was further expanded upon to allow them to operate for non-emergency events upon request from organizations other than fire departments and companies, primarily for services such as parades, funerals but also much more.

In 1980 the current laws were established which provided expanded authority to grant limited police authority to Fire Police in the form of detainment under just circumstances, along with other clarity of power.